Immigration and Customs Clearance


Any Superyacht travelling into the Dominican Republic with foreign crew on board must have valid visas for the crew prior to entry.

For crew members & passengers:

  • US$12 per person.
  • Officer will stamp all passports with up to 90 days visit permit.
  • US$70 per vessel of any size or tenders which do not arrive onboard the main ship.
  • If a crewmember or passenger arrives onboard the ship and goes out of the country via airplane or in another vessel & vice-versa must be payed US$36 (enrollment/disenrollment fee).
  • Crewmembers and passengers from countries which require Dominican visa must pay US$120 custody fee per day.
  • Immigration officials must provide a receipt for all paid fees.

Please, contact us for an obligation free discussion on the process, the documents required and how we can assist.


Dominican Yacht Support can assist with all of your Superyacht customs clearance. We can arrange to have most of the paperwork prior to the yacht arrival, allowing for a seamless and stress-free entry.

At the time of arrival, we arrange for the Authorities to meet your vessel at her berth.

  • Crewmembers and passengers must fill out custom declaration form DGA no. 001-2008
  • Official will fill out customs form with captain’s signature (copy to the ship)
  • Tax will apply if any merchandise is declared into the country for local consumption.
  • Officials will inspect the ship at arrival.

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