Our highly-skilled team understands the commitment needed when clients expect the best of the best. Our passion for quality and exceptional service will take the worry out of this time-consuming and vitally important aspect of any charter or owner trip.

Luxury transportation and transfers

Our in-house team will help you design and create your onshore itinerary with confidence ensuring a balance of comfort, luxury and unique experiences.

Restaurant, hotel & club reservations

The Dominican coast is home to some of the most desirable restaurants, hotels and clubs. After many years of exceeding expectations, we have an unrivalled knowledge of what to recommend and also key relationships to make that all-important booking happen.

Private jet and helicopter charter

The efficient team at DYS is always on hand to get your guests from A to B rapidly and with minimal hassle.


Dominican Yacht Support is well placed to organize the right team for the job when you need covert or overt security personnel while in port, ashore, or at sea. We have teams at our disposal to ensure your safety and security in any situation with privacy and discretion.

Rental vehicles

Weather you need a luxury vehicle rental or a practical car, these are available through us with car drop off and collection included.

Shipping, logistic and customs clearance

Weather the documents or engine spares, speedy and reliable shipping is a basic and important requirement for all yachts. We work with all the major shipping companies, and as such are able to give you an array of options depending on your needs.

APA services

Getting cash onboard is a service essential to a vessel’s operations and increasingly difficult to get hold of. We are able to receive and hand over cash for vessel operations or charter APA. Contact us for the bank account information and updated paperwork requirements to start the process. Please, allow sufficient advance notice as all cash needs to be ordered to the bank in advance. For extra peace of mind, a secure and insured delivery direct to the yacht is available.

Flowers, laundry services and carpet cleaning

When “to-do-list” is long and the time between trips short, you can count on our professional team and extensive network to lessen your burden and take care of these and other essential services on your behalf.

Wedding and event planning/Management

Throwing a professionally organized and memorable onboard event or party for your guests can make an everlasting impression and add another level of delight to their trip. We can bring your themed event to life, provide different entertainers and musicians on every deck, organize fireworks at sea or arrange professional lighting and sound, beach BBQs or bonfire. Your imagination is the limit!

Emergency, medical assistance and dentistry

For any serious injury, please dial 911 for emergency assistance.
If you would like us to make a medical or dental appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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